Thursday, November 21, 2013

Climate Leaders talk with Tom Ashbrook

Climate leaders explain their views on the Keystone pipeline and divestment from fossil fuels with Tom Ashbrook.

Dorian Williams
Dorian Williams is an anthropology major at Brandeis University. Dorian is also a member of the Divest for Our Future campaign at Brandeis University. Dorian has been arrested twice in Washington with PowerShift 2011 and once at Keystone demonstrations.

Maura Cowley
Maura Cowley is the executive director of the Energy Action Coalition, which brings together 50 youth groups advocating for clean energy to slow climate change.

Emily Williams
Emily Williams is a 4th-year undergraduate student in environmental studies at UC Santa Barbara. Emily is also UCSB’s representative to the state-wide organization, the California Student Sustainability Coalition.
Source: On Point with Tom Ashbrook: Environmentalism’s Next Generation

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