Thursday, December 5, 2013

Creating False Memories

"The most horrifying idea is that what we believe with all our hearts is not necessarily the truth." ~ Loftus.

In an experiment carried out by Elizabeth Loftus, she was able to convince a quarter of her participants they were once lost in a shopping mall as a child.

In another experiment half of the participants were tricked into believing they had taken a hot air balloon ride as a child, simply by showing them doctored photograph as "evidence".

Elizabeth Loftus
Elizabeth F. Loftus is an American cognitive psychologist and expert on human memory. Elizabeth is the greatest psychologist that you've never heard of. Elizabeth is best known for her ground-breaking work on the creation and nature of false memories, including recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse. Elizabeth is interviewed by Carol Tavris.
Source: Inside the Psychologist Studio with Elizabeth Loftus

Carol Tavris

Andrew Bacevich
Andrew Bacevich talks about the Iraq War to Scott Horton

Andrew suggests that the U.S. should evaluate the unnecessary war in Iraq. Can the U.S. learn from its mistakes? Andrew also talks about Obama’s continuation of Bush’s preventive war doctrine. Andrew Bacevich is professor of international relations at Boston University.
Source: The Scott Horton Show: 4/3/13 Andrew Bacevich

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