Thursday, April 3, 2014

Alternative Medicine Under The Microscope

Alan Weisman
Human Population Limits

Alan Weisman and Steve Curwood discuss the hot-button issue of reducing population. Weisman traveled to more than 20 countries, from India to Italy to Japan, to ask what experts agreed were probably the most important questions on Earth--and also the hardest: How many humans can the planet hold without capsizing? How might we actually arrive at a stable, optimum population, and design an economy to allow genuine prosperity without endless growth?
Source: living on earth: Counting Down the Planet

Population Limits

Alternative Medicine Under The Microscope

Alternative medicine, from herbs to acupuncture to supplements, is big business in America.
Dr. Paul A. Offit
Dr. Paul A. Offit, chief of the division of infectious diseases and the director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Paul says alternative medicine has been way oversold. Paul and Terry Grossman talk with Tom Ashbrook.
Dr. Terry Grossman
Dr. Terry Grossman is founder and director of the Grossman Wellness Center and co-author (with Ray Kurzweil) of “Transcend: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever.”
Source: On Point with Tom Ashbrook: How Safe And Effective Is Alternative Medicine?

Lawrence Taylor
Climate Change And The Bottom Line

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission requires that publicly traded companies file annual reports that disclose potential risks to the company’s bottom line. That includes climate change yet more than 70% of businesses fail to mention the possible effects of climate change. Lawrence Taylor, a citizen researcher who compiled the data, lays out the details to Steve Curwood.
Source: living on earth: Climate and the Bottom Line

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