Friday, June 19, 2015

The Cost of Carbon Emissions - A Debate

With potentially staggering costs involved, are efforts to make major reductions in carbon emissions even worth it? Would the money be better spent elsewhere? Or, does the amount of money involved become less important when considering the possible consequences of climate change? One of the most concerning aspects of climate change is the potential for catastrophic damages. Catastrophic damages are characterized as low probability-high damage events.

For the motion, Major Reductions in Carbon Emissions are Not Worth the Money:
Peter Huber, Partner of the Washington, D.C. Law Firm of Kellogg, Huber, Hansen, Todd, Evans, and Figel, a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, and a Columnist for Forbes
Bjorn Lomborg, Author of the Bestsellers Cool It and The Skeptical Environmentalist
Philip Stott, Emeritus Professor and Biogeographer from the University of London, UK

5 Ways to Pay

Against the motion, Major Reductions in Carbon Emissions are Not Worth the Money:
L. Hunter Lovins, President of Natural Capitalism Solutions
Oliver Tickell, Author and Journalist Adam Werbach, Global Chief Executive Officer at Saatchi & Saatchi
John Donvan is moderator, author and correspondent for ABC News.
Podcast source: intelligence2: Major Reductions in Carbon Emissions are Not Worth the Money

Hello, I'm Calling From 'La Mafia'

For bus owners in Honduras making payments to gangs is routine. Extortion in Honduras is a way of life. Not only does result in a terrible human toll but it's a major drag on the already weak economy. Forty bus drivers have been killed in 2014.

Extorting buses and taxis has been so lucrative that the gangs have expanded into the selling clothes in the market and lawyers. Marlon Bishop of the NPR show Latino USA and German Andino contributed to this report.
Podcast source: npr: Hello, I'm Calling From 'La Mafia'

Elie Wiesel's Call for Justice

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel has inspired generations to social action. "This is what we must do -- not to sleep well when people suffer anywhere in the world," Professor Wiesel told the audience of more than 1,000. "Not to sleep well when someone's persecuted. Not to sleep well when people are hungry all over here or there. Not to sleep well when there are people sick and nobody is there to help them. Not to sleep well when anyone somewhere needs you. You don't sleep well."
Podcast source: YouTube: Elie Wiesel's Call for Justice: 'Don't Sleep Well When People Suffer'

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