Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Big And Little Brother Are Watching

Julia Angwin talks about the many ways that the government, private businesses, and criminals can and do collect our private data. Julia shows that because of the pervasiveness of the surveillance system we live in today, we are in danger of becoming a society that self-censors itself instead of demanding our rights.

Julia Angwin is an investigative journalist for ProPublica. Julia was previously a staff reporter for the Wall Street Journal and was part of the Journal team that was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 2003 for their coverage of corporate corruption.
Source: BookTV: Dragnet Nation: A Quest for Privacy, Security, and Freedom in a World of Relentless Surveillance

Climate Change Increases Conflict

A study in the journal Science shows a direct link between higher temperatures and increased conflict ranging from domestic violence to civil war. One of the lead researchers, Edward Miguel from UC Berkeley, tells Steve Curwood that as world wide temperatures increase with climate disruption he expects to see more strife.
Source: living on earth: Climate Change and Conflict

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

NSA whistleblower Russ Tice Tells All

Russ Tice
NSA whistleblower Russ Tice reveals the names of officials involved in the NSA’s illegal practices. Russ explains how the National Security Agency targets, stores and analyzes illegally obtained content from the people of the United States.

Russ contradicts officials and the mainstream media on the status of the NSA’s Utah facility, which is already operating and “On-Line.” Russ reveals that the NSA targets and wiretaps U.S. political candidates for its own purposes. Russ discusses the controversies involving the NSA, PRISM, Edward Snowden and more.
Source: Boiling Frogs Post: Podcast Show #112: NSA Whistleblower Goes on Record -Reveals New Information & Names Culprits!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's Wrong To Pay For Sex

For your entertainment and enlightenment, six people debate the motion "It's Wrong To Pay For Sex."

Melissa Farley Clinical and Research Psychologist for Prostitution Research & Education
For the motion: Melissa Farley is a clinical and research psychologist for Prostitution Research & Education. She has published 22 peer-reviewed articles on prostitution and trafficking. An abolitionist, Farley advocates for alternatives to the institution of prostitution. She manages the Prostitution Research & Education website ( and cofounded the Nevada Coalition Against Sex Trafficking.

For the motion: Catharine MacKinnon is a specialist in Sex Equality Issues specializes in sex equality issues under international and constitutional law. She pioneered the legal claim for sexual harassment and, with Andrea Dworkin and created ordinances recognizing pornography as a civil rights violation. The Supreme Court of Canada largely accepted her approaches to equality, pornography, and hate speech. She is one of the most widely-cited legal scholars in English.

For the motion: Wendy Shalit is the author of "A Return to Modesty: Discovering The Lost Virtue". She argues that modesty is misunderstood as repression. Her essays on literary and cultural topics have appeared in Commentary, Slate, the Wall Street Journal and other publications.

Sydney Barrows Kevin Wick/Longview Photography
Against the motion: Sydney Barrows, who is a former Mayflower Madam perhaps better known to millions as the "Mayflower Madam". Her book, Mayflower Madam, went right to the top of the New York Times bestseller list.

Against the motion: Tyler Cowen is a Professor of Economics at George Mason University and director of the Mercatus Center. He has written numerous books on the relationship between commerce, the arts, and morality.

Against the motion: Lionel Tiger is a Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University. He has lectured on all the continents, published widely in general and professional journals and is currently a columnist for

Source: intelligence2 DEBATES: IT'S WRONG TO PAY FOR SEX

The Climate Wars

In a 2009 incident that came to be known as 'climategate', several climate scientists had their e-mails hacked and quoted out of context to discredit the researchers and their work. Steve Curwood talks with Penn State climatologist and geophysicist Michael Mann, who was a target of these attacks and has now written a book about his experiences.
Source: living on earth: The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

U.S. Torture and Hedge Funds

Demonstrator Maboud Ebrahimzadeh is held down during a 2007 simulation of 
waterboarding outside the Justice Department in Washington. (Reuters)
Rebecca Gordon
Why Do Americans Tolerate Torture

Rebecca Gordon argues that torture has become increasingly acceptable in the years since Bush and Cheney left office. David Swanson interviews Rebecca Gordon. Rebecca teaches in the Philosophy department at the University of San Francisco. Rebecca is an editor of WarTimes/Tiempo de guerras, which seeks to bring a race, class, and gender perspective to issues of war and peace.
Source: Talk Nation Radio: Rebecca Gordon on Mainstreaming Torture

Les Leopold
How To Make A Million Dollars An Hour

Francesca Rheannon interviews Les Leopold about "HOW TO MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS AN HOUR: Why Hedge Funds Get Away with Siphoning Off America’s Wealth".
Source: Les Leopold, HOW TO MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS AN HOUR, full interview

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why We Need A Carbon Tax

The Other Scott Horton

CIA Torture

The Other Scott Horton is an international human rights lawyer and blogger at Harper’s magazine. He discusses with radio host Scott Horton the leaked summary of the Senate’s report on CIA torture and the White House’s refusal to turn over documents that likely will implicate the Bush administration.
Source: the Scott Horton show: 04/17/14 The Other Scott Horton

From The Earth's Past To Its Future

One of the most powerful ways to figure out how the Earth will respond to all the carbon dioxide we're putting into the atmosphere is to look back into the planet's history.

Charles Komanoff
The Carbon Tax

Charles Komanoff is an activist, economist and policy analyst. He directs the Carbon Tax Center and develops traffic-pricing modeling tools for the Nurture Nature Foundation. His works include several books (Power Plant Cost Escalation, Killed By Automobile, The Bicycle Blueprint), computer models, scholarly articles, and journalism. He discusses the need for a carbon tax with David Swanson.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Was Edward Snowden Justified?

Edward Snowden
Two teams faced off on the motion "Snowden was justified" in his release of highly classified national security documents. The team that sways the most people by the end of the debate is declared the winner.

Andrew C. McCarthy and R. James Woolsey (right)

Andrew C. McCarthy, a contributing editor at National Review and a senior fellow at the National Review Institute, is a former top federal prosecutor. A former chief assistant U.S. attorney, he is best known for leading the prosecution against Omar Abdel Rahman and 11 others for waging a terrorist war against the U.S., including the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and a plot to bomb New York City landmarks.

Ambassador R. James Woolsey, a former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, chairs the board of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and is a venture partner with Lux Capital Management. Previously, he served in the U.S. government on five different occasions, where he held presidential appointments in two Republican and two Democratic administrations.

Ben Wizner (left) and Daniel Ellsberg

Daniel Ellsberg is a former U.S. military analyst who, in 1971, leaked the Pentagon Papers, which revealed how the U.S. public had been misled about the Vietnam War. After serving in the Marine Corps, he became in 1959 a strategic analyst at the RAND Corporation and consultant to the White House and Defense Department, which he joined before transferring to the State Department to serve in Saigon. Ellsberg's trial on 12 felony counts was dismissed on grounds of governmental misconduct against him.

Ben Wizner, legal adviser to Edward Snowden, directs the ACLU's Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, which is dedicated to protecting and expanding the freedoms of expression, association, and inquiry.  He has litigated numerous cases involving post-9/11 civil liberties abuses, including challenges to airport security policies, government watch lists, extraordinary rendition and torture.
Source: intelligence2 Debate: Was Edward Snowden Justified?

The Birth Of The Fed

This story includes a 70-year-old man with a bad head cold and a bunch of mistresses, a nation that's deeply ambivalent about a central bank, and a secret meeting at an island with a sketchy name.

You will hear from Liaquat Ahamed, author of Lords of Finance, and Gary Richardson, Federal Reserve System historian and professor at UC Irvine.
Source: planet money: Episode 505: A Locked Door, A Secret Meeting And The Birth Of The Fed

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Just 15 Years to Avoid Climate Calamity

Karen Krett
The Dark Side Of Hope

Psychotherapist and author Karen Krett talks with Francesca Rheannon about THE DARK SIDE OF HOPE: A Psychological Investigation and Cultural Commentary

"Hope saturates the cultural air we breathe: in movies, songs, advertising, political slogans and self-help books. Now, for the first time, "hope" is being put on the therapist’s couch and its duality is examined in depth.

For too long, hope has been promoted as an unmitigated virtue without any consideration of its darker side. Hope that is a reflex divorced from reality may, all too frequently, impede development and contribute to psychological suffering.

In a childhood lacking in parental love or protection, hope can be the emotional glue that keeps one from falling apart, from losing the thread of life. In adulthood, replaying unconscious patterns of hoping for what can never be interferes with our ability to make good choices in the most important areas of our lives. It may seem as if giving up any hope would be disastrous, but this book offers a different and progressive perspective. By breaking the hold of the dark side of hope, we can become free to direct ourselves toward hopes which can be realized and thereby gain greater fulfillment." ~ Karen Krett, LCSW

Karen Krett has been a psychotherapist in private practice since 1988, with an office on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Karen is married, a mother of two, and a grandmother of two.
Source: writer's voice with Francesca Rheannon: Karen Krett, THE DARK SIDE OF HOPE

Only 15 Years to Avoid Climate Calamity

A top U.N. science panel says humanity has just 15 years to avoid climate calamity. But humanity knows what to do and how to do it, says the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Still the question is when and whether humanity will.

Robert Stavins
Tom Ashbrook talks to Gautam Naik, science and environment reporter at The Wall Street Journal, Robert Stavins, an economist and expert on climate agreements at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and Director of the Harvard Environmental Economics program, and Leon Clarke, who is a senior scientist at the University of Maryland’s Joint Global Research Institute.
Source: On Point with Tom Ashbrook: Climate Change Countdown

Leon Clarke

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