Saturday, September 27, 2008

The New Post American World and The Populist Uprising

Farheed Zakaria & Post-America-Centric World

From May 27, 2008 in San Francisco, CA, hear the editor of Newsweek International, ABC News analyst, and New York Times bestselling author, Farheed Zakaria discusses a future where the U.S. no longer dominates the global economy, geopolitics, and culture. Duration 1 hr. 7 min.

From July 28, 2008, Glenn Greenwald Interviews David Sirota. Sirota's book explores how the pervasive and intense dissatisfaction among the citizenry with our political class can be channeled into genuine political change. Duration 36 min.

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In 1999, Farheed Zakaria was named "one of the 21 most important people of the 21st Century" by Esquire Magazine.

David J. Sirota is an American political commentator. He is a two-time New York Times betselling author, nationally-syndicated newspaper columnist and blogger.

Glenn Greenwald is a former American attorney and current political and legal blogger, and columnist at Salon Magazine. He is the author of "How Would a Patriot Act?" and "A Tragic Legacy", both New York Times bestsellers.

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