Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better

Terrence McNally Interviews Richard Wilkinson & Kate Pickett

Richard & Kate are authors of an important new book: The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better

Terrence McNally, journalist and radio host, is also a consultant, speaker, writer, and coach to public agencies, foundations, non-profits, and responsible corporations. Richard G. Wilkinson is a British researcher in social inequalities in health and the social determinants of health. Kate Pickett is a senior lecturer at the University of York and a National Institute for Health Research Career Scientist. This is about 51 minutes.
Source: From Jan 31, 2010, Q&A: RICHARD WILKINSON & KATE PICKETT, Authors

From Radio Ecoshock, the stars speak about climate change. This is about 16 minutes.
Source: Earth to America TV Review from 2005

Laurie David & Al Gore
An excerpt from the book "Down-to-Earth Guide To Global Warming" by Laurie David and Cambria Gordon for kids of all ages with music by Phillip Glass.

Download the Entire Program 97.7 MB

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