Sunday, October 31, 2010

California and Climate Change

Proposition 23 was voted down by California voters on Nov. 2, 2010

KQED Radio discusses Proposition 23 which would suspend implementation of California's air pollution control law (AB 32) until unemployment drops to 5.5 percent or less for a full year. The speakers are Anita Mangels, communications director for Yes on 23, Craig Miller, senior editor for KQED's Climate Watch, and David Hochschild, vice president of external relations for Solaria.
Looks like the fossil-fuels industries vs. the clean and green industries. I'm against Proposition 23 but here is both sides of the issue. This is 52 min.
Source: From Sept. 13, 2010, Climate Watch, Proposition 23, Host: Michael Krasny

DOWN TO THE WIRE, Confronting Climate Collapse

Dr. David W. Orr, green pioneer, on denial & solutions. David W. Orr is a Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics, at Oberlin College, in Ohio.This is 22 min.
Source: From Radio Ecoshock April 9, 2010

Developing a Plan B for Climate Change

An international group of scientists and policy makers met to set some ground rules for "Plan B" for dealing with climate change. There is already more CO2 in the atmosphere than many climate scientists say is healthy for civilization as we know it. At these levels, we might need an emergency brake. This is 6 min.
Source: From the California Report from Mar. 22 2010, reporters: Craig Miller & Gretchen Weber

Should Humans Help Mother Nature?

California is home to a rich diversity of plants and animals, but as the climate changes, some of those species are struggling to survive. If habitats change faster than species can adapt, should humans help? This is 6 min.
Source: From the California Report from February 26, 2010. Reporter: Gretchen Weber

State to Deploy Greenhouse Gas Sniffers

California will be the first state to have its own network of devices to sniff out greenhouse gases. This technology brings a new degree of precision to air quality testing. This is 4 min.
Source: From the California Report from February 09, 2010. Reporter: Craig Miller

Warmer Water Ahead

A new important study finds temperatures rising in six major lakes in California and Nevada, including Lake Tahoe. Scientists naturally suspect that climate change is the reason, and they expect dramatic changes to come as the water continues to warm up. This is 2 min.
Source: From the California Report From January 06, 2010. Reporter: Craig Miller

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