Sunday, October 10, 2010

On getting revenge and forgiveness

Michael McCullough describes the purpose of revenge. He also shows that human being have a forgiveness instinctive. Knowing this suggests ways to calm the revenge instinct in ourselves and others and emboldens the forgiveness intuition.  McCullough is also a professor of psychology at the University of Miami in Florida, where he directs the Laboratory for Social and Clinical Psychology. He wrote "Beyond Revenge: The Evolution of the Forgiveness Instinct". This is about 52 minutes.
Source: Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett from March 25, 2010

Michael Prysner
James Circello
Scott Horton interviews Michael Prysner and James Circello

Michael Prysner and James Circello are staff members of March Forward!, an antiwar organization for active duty soldiers and veterans, they discuss the bigotry ingrained in military culture that dehumanizes the enemy and the intentional "draw fire" missions that boost an officer's career while endangering troops and the continued deployment of soldiers with PTSD. This is about 30 minutes.
Source: Scott Horton interviews Michael Prysner and James Circello from December 20, 2009

World Future Council speaks on climate change. This is about 6 minutes. Reported by Deutsche Welle on May 15, 2007.

Music includes Rudeboy Shufflin, When We Make It Through, "Beans, Bacon, Gravy", It Aint Me Babe

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