Thursday, September 27, 2012

Harvest The Wind with Francesca Rheannon

Philip Warburg
Jonathan Koomey
Hear Jonathan Koomey who is author of Cold Cash, Cool Climate talk about ecological entrepreneurs.
Hear Philip Warburg who is author of Harvest The Wind talk about America’s journey to jobs, energy independence, and climate stability.
Francesca Rheannon is the interviewer, producer and host of Writer’s Voice. A life-long bibliophile, reading is her favorite thing to do and books are her preferred decor.
Source: Jonathan Koomey, COLD CASH, COOL CLIMATE & Philip Warburg, HARVEST THE WIND

James Loewen
Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong By James Loewen

Meet the real Christopher Columbus. Who was the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean? Source: Lies My Teacher Told Me

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Music includes Rise Against - Hero Of War, The Slackers - Propaganda, Robert Kennedy 4-4-1968, Tom Lehrer - Be Prepared, Joe Higgs - Upside Down, John McCutcheon - Let's Pretend, Good Night, Good Luck Movie - McCarthy Responds to Edward Murrow, Clearwater Revival - Down On The Corner

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