Thursday, November 15, 2012

End Welfare For Banks

Eliot Spitzer

Tom Ashbrook talks with former New York governor, attorney general, and Wall Street prosecutor, Eliot Spitzer, about how to clean up banking.

Cynder Niemela
A former manager at Countrywide Financial, Cynder Niemela describes what life was like inside the giant mortgage lender back in 2006. Mike Hudson, an investigative reporter with the Center For Public Integrity picks through the wreckage of the housing crisis.

David Suzuki
Save The Planet From The Economy

David Suzuki tells Steve Curwood that the path to a sustainable future is to stop elevating economy over ecology and to start imagining a brighter future.
Source: The Legacy

Download or Play Part 1, Eliot Spitzer
Download or Play Part 2, Eliot Spitzer
Download or Play Part 3, Cynder Niemela
Download or Play Part 4, David Suzuki

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