Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Rise Of The Billionaires And The Fall Of Everyone Else

Chrystia Freeland
Journalist Chrystia Freeland reports on the people who've reached the pinnacle of the business world. Freeland says that surpassingly many of today's richest individuals actual do work.
Source: A Startling Gap Between Us And The 'Plutocrats'

Ralph Nader
Ralph Nader's Bold Ideas

Ralph Nader explains his bold solutions to Terrence McNally.

* Reforming the tax system
* Making our communities more self-reliant
* Reclaiming science and technology for the people
* Getting corporations off welfare
* Creating national charters for large corporations
* Reducing our bloated military budget
* Organizing congressional watchdog groups
* Enlisting the enlightened super-rich
* Use government procurement to spur innovation

For more information see Nader's latest book The Seventeen Solutions.
Source: Q&A: Ralph Nader The 17 Solutions: Bold Ideas for Our American Future

How much money does a corporation get back from investing in a good lobbyist?

Corporations don't lobby Congress for fun. They lobby because it helps their bottom line. Getting a regulation gutted or a tax loophole created means extra cash for the corporation. But getting laws changed can be very expensive. How much money does a corporation get back from investing in a good lobbyist?
Source: Forget Stocks Or Bonds, Invest In A Lobbyist

"I think most Americans would be shocked..."
 - Sen. Dick Durbin.
Your Senator Is A Telemarketer

We think of lawmakers having one job: making laws. But there's a second job most lawmakers have to do. And it's a big job. Senators and Congress members go to private rooms in nongovernmental buildings, where they make call after call, asking people for money.
Source: Senator By Day, Telemarketer By Night

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