Thursday, March 28, 2013

Carbon Math

The Aboriginal Nations Oppose Expansion of Canada’s Tar Sands

Shell Canada is planning to expand its Jackpine tar sands mining operations, but several Aboriginal Nations who live there fiercely protest these plans. Steve Curwood hears why from Chelsea Flook, Executive Director of the Sierra Club Prairie Chapter.
Source: First Nation Challenges Expansion of Canada’s Tar Sands

Bill McKibben & John Hofmeister
Carbon Math

Activist Bill McKibben and former president of Shell Oil Company John Hofmeister discuss the current state of energy and the technology. While both McKibben and Hofmeister agree that the world needs better energy alternatives, they disagree on when the needed changes will happen.

Bill McKibben is the founder of and author of Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet. John Hofmeister is CEO of Citizens for Affordable Energy and Former President, Shell Oil Company.
Source: Carbon Math

David Blackwell
Tapping Volcanoes for Energy

Scientists are exploring technologies to harness the power of volcanoes for geothermal energy. David Blackwell, an earth sciences professor at Southern Methodist University, tells Steve Curwood about volcano energy.
Source: Tapping Volcanoes for Energy
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