Thursday, February 13, 2014

Death-Proofing the Cities of the Future

Amelia Templeton
Exporting Coal

U.S. Coal companies are planning to build export facilities in the Pacific Northwest to ship coal to Asia. But the governors of Washington and Oregon are appealing to the White House to consider the impact on climate change before approving the projects. Amelia Templeton of the public radio collaborative EarthFix talks to Steve Curwood about this situation. Another viewpoint is from local business owners Richard and Tanya Burkholder. They explain why they favor of exporting coal as part of the Voices of Coal project.

Richard and Tanya Burkholder

Annalee Newitz
Death-Proofing the Cities of the Future

Annalee Newitz talked about “death-proofing” a city and converting urban spaces into biological organisms to prevent starvation and environmental destruction due to global climate change. Annalee is interviewed by Greta Brawner of C-Span. Read Annalee's article on How to Death-Proof the Cities of the Future

Cities of the Future?
Source: C-Span: Cities of the Future

Ashish Fernades
India’s Coal Killing Thousands

India is developing rapidly, and much of that growth is fueled by one of the dirtiest energy sources, coal. With even more coal plants planned, a new study shows that pollution from coal-fired power plants is killing up to 115,000 Indians every year. Report editor Ashish Fernades joins Steve Curwood to discuss the state of coal in India.
Source: Living On Earth: India’s Coal Killing Thousands

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