Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Best Hope For A Sustainable Future On Earth

Amy Moas
Saving The Forests

The United Nations' program to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from deforestation and degradation, REDD, started with great promise. But Amy Moas, a senior forest campaigner for Greenpeace in Indonesia, tells Steve Curwood that very little progress has actually been made.
Source: living on earth: REDD Today

Alan Weisman
The Best Hope For A Sustainable Future On Earth

Alan Weisman explains the impact of human populations on the environment and infrastructure. Alan relates developments from Iran. In 1987, a month after its bloody conflict with Iraq ended, Ayatollah Khomeini ordered the development of what Alan calls the best voluntary family-planning program in the world. It has since cut the average family size from eight children to fewer than two.

Alan’s cogent and forthright global inquiry shows how education, women’s equality, and family planning can curb poverty, thirst, hunger, and environmental destruction. Alan makes a strong case for slowing global population growth as a prerequisite for achieving a sustainable future.

Melanie Lenart is Adjunct Professor at University of Arizona, Soil, Water and Environmental Science Department.
Source: C-SPAN: Book Discussion on Countdown

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