Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Climate Change and Excessive Government Power

John Gray
Facing Reality

John Gray reflects on what we know but prefer not to think about, whether it's the truth about the invasion of Iraq or the failures of the financial system that led to the banking crisis. "We humans are sturdy and resilient animals with enormous capacities of creativity and adaptability; but consistently realistic thinking seems to be beyond our powers."
Source: BBC: PoV: John Gray: Unknown Knowns: 10 Jan 14

Excessive Government Power

Rachel Levinson-Waldman, Counsel to the Brennan Center’s Liberty and National Security Program, discusses what the government does with Americans’ data and how the “fusion centers” have quickly expanded their focus from terrorism to all manner of criminal activity. Rachel asks whether public backlash can dial back the government’s excessive power. She is interviewed by Scott Horton.
Source: the Scott Horton show: 10/14/13 Rachel Levinson-Waldman

Oil rigs in Los Angeles in 1896. The study looked at emissions all the 
way back to the 19th century (photo: unknown, public domain)
Just 90 Firms Have Produced Climate Change

A recent study found that the number of state and investor-owned organizations responsible for the human impact on climate change is only 90. Rick Heede of the Climate Accountability Institute in Colorado talks to Steve Curwood about these findings.
Source: living on earth: Just 90 Firms Have Tipped the Climate

Pacific Coast leaders sign action plan on climate and energy.
From left to right: British Columbia Environment Minister Mary Polak,
Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, Washington Governor Jay Inslee, and
California Governor Jerry Brown. (Photo: Office of Governor Brown)
West Coast Action on Climate Change

California, Oregon, Washington and the Canadian province of British Columbia have signed a pact to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by putting a price on carbon. British Columbia's Environment Minister Mary Polak discusses the agreement and how a carbon tax is working in that Canadian province with Steve Curwood.
Source: living on earth: West Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy

The Price Of Climate Action

The 2104 climate report from the IPCC says the price of climate action today is cheap compared to what it will cost. Physicist Joseph Romm, of the blog Climate Progress, and Steve Curwood discuss the cost-benefit analysis of immediate and delayed climate action.
Source: living on earth: Bargain Time For Climate Protection

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