Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Automation, Inequality and What To Do About It

Insights into the world where machines think and people don't. Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee talked about work and progress in a time of technological advancement. They argue that technological advancements have taken over our lives and our economy and suggest ways to use those advancements to benefit society. The co-authors spoke at the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco to Andrew Leonard of

“How we build, use, and live with our digital creations will define our success as a civilization in the twenty-first century. Will our new technologies lift us all up or leave more and more of us behind? The Second Machine Age is the essential guide to how and why that success will, or will not, be achieved.” ~ Garry Kasparov, thirteenth World Chess Champion

"To deal with what they see as the inevitable increase in income inequality, the MIT duo would turn to a negative income tax, with which the government would assure a minimum income to anyone who works — an old idea now gaining popularity on both the left and the right." ~ Steven Pearlstein
Source: C-Span: Book Discussion on The Second Machine Age

Download or Play Automation and Inequality Part 1
Download or Play Automation and Inequality Part 2
Download or Play Automation and Inequality Part 3
Download or Play Automation and Inequality Part 4

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