Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Can a country change its economic system?

The War Against The Bees

On average, 30 percent of all the honeybee colonies in the U.S. died off over the winter. Some beekeepers and environmentalists are calling for tighter restrictions on the use of a pesticide called neonicotinoids. Europe has ban some uses of these pesticides. But many U.S. farmers and pesticide companies are opposed to any such move here, and the Environmental Protection Agency says it's not yet convinced that this would help bees very much. Reported by Dan Charles.
Source: npr: Bee Deaths May Have Reached A Crisis Point For Crops

Changing Capitalism

Can a country switch between different types of capitalism? The Economist's Britain politics correspondent, Jeremy Cliffe, explores whether the proposals to transform the U.K.'s economy into one more like Germany, Denmark and Sweden is remotely possible?
Source: BBC Radio 4 Analysis: Varieties of Capitalism

Jeremy Cliffe
Martin Miller
Modern Terrorism

Martin Miller is interview by Peter Slen of C-Span about modern terrorism. Martin starts with the French Revolution. Terrorism is part of a violent contest over control of the country between government officials and insurgents. Martin Miller is a professor at Duke University.
Source: C-Span: Book Discussion on The Foundations of Modern Terrorism

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