Friday, March 13, 2015

The End of American Exceptionalism

Andrew Bacevich
"The United States today finds itself threatened by three interlocking crises. The first of these crises is economic and cultural, the second political, and the third military. All three share this characteristic: They are of our own making. ... Yet, as events have made plain, the United States is ill prepared to wage a global war of no exits and no deadlines. The sole superpower lacks the resources — economic, political, and military — to support a large-scale, protracted conflict without, at the very least, inflicting severe economic and political damage on itself. American power has limits and is inadequate to the ambitions to which hubris and sanctimony have given rise." ~ Andrew Bacevich

Andrew Bacevich is perhaps the only writer to regularly contribute to both the Nation and Pat Buchanan's The American Conservative. Andrew examines the United States’ daunting problem of overexpansion and overconsumption and argues for a return to pragmatism before the damage from such excessiveness becomes irreparable. Andrew calls for respect for power and its limits and an aversion to claims of exceptionalism and skepticism of easy solutions, especially those involving force and a conviction that Americans must live within their means.
Source: Free Library of Philadephia: Andrew Bacevich | The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism

The Collapse of Western Civilization

Science historian Naomi Oreskes joins Steve Curwood to discuss how democracy, the free market and science are all failing humanity and the planet.
Source: living on earth: The Collapse of Western Civilization

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